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The Plant Welcomes Creative Writing

by Cheyenne Skurczak

September 19, 2018 | Creative Writing

I believe there is a certain element of wonder in stories - there is a particular magic within listening and telling. Perhaps it is how stories douse us in nostalgia or how they remove us from all of our distractions. Throughout all ruckus, it seems as if stories allow us to halt, exist both elsewhere and entirely with ourselves all at once. The creative mind is an absolutely brilliant phenomenon, one which is teeming with stories to tell, be it through writing fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction - anything that makes one tick. The creative mind is a true spark, one that offers a guiding light to those willing to listen. Most importantly, there is a story - a cause - burning within each of us; one that is bubbling, urging to escape: a fleeting memory, an anecdote, a philosophy…

The Plant is happy to introduce the Creative Writing section: an opportunity for writers to unleash all that blooms within their hearts and minds and for readers to either escape from all that bustles around them or view it in a new light. Creative Writing knows no limits - it is exactly that: all writing that is creative, and thus, all stories that must be heard.


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