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The Truth About Muses

Eden Daniel


Whenever I'm bequeathed with sleep's chaperone

The mysteries of fate, timing and agency Liminality and meaning

All wrap around "You"

Like a ribbon

What is this strange, unknotted entanglement?

Which so often creeps in and out of corners

Which so often corners in and out of creeps

How many are destined to look out at the world

And wonder where "You" went?

Oh, the Truth About Muses..

Opportunity crashes into us in mangled colours

Flashy shades of red and pink and blue

Alien traffic lights

That leave us stoned and on guard

Pacing towards a mountaintop in the middle of a storm

Yet our bones never meet it

In the aftershock we train our own eyes

In some desperate attempt to derail our derailments

In truth, I find myself on fire

Burning my eyes with dilapidated ice

And looking within a mirror within a mirror at obsession

A gardener peels out dandelions with the weeds

A gardener peels out weeds with the dandelions

"You" is viral once it catches your gaze

And hangs in a room like a bat or a guillotine

What good is a plan that's stuck in the throat?

Wake up! I urge you! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!


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