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Françis Melançon


As I shed my tears and scream in pain,

fighting the voices in my head,

they twist and they turn.

A voice appears,

but not just any voice,

a calm and soothing voice.

A loud voice,

singing a beautiful wave of sound,

breaking the shackles that have kept me bound for oh so many years.

It calls to me,

inviting me to come closer,

it wraps around me with a warm embrace.

The things I have kept bottled up have been released,

giving a euphoric feeling,

I laugh and I cry as I embrace this voice,

this voice that is oh so warm to the touch.

I smile with glee as I experience feelings I haven’t felt for what feels like decades.

As I sit and watch the ocean waves,

I wonder what comes next,

will I finally be free from my pain and sorrow,

or will I just be chained up once more,

never to feel again?


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