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Warm Time Froze

Rim Naguib


Here he was, handsome as a fairytale

Hair flowing in the breeze with ease

It wasn't the effect of the cocktail

As the shameless cold shoves the breeze

Pretty face followed by the sun

Captures this timeless essence

Butterfly invasion had already begun

What a beautiful captivating presence

Sober yet hallucinating

Striking and hypnotic eyes

Making you forget all pieces of advice

Given as they are resonating

Leaves twirling with a sigh

Excitation going undeniably high

Can only silently admire

As the dream comes to expire

Snaps back to reality

Falls to the ground, hopelessly

Ripped from the dreams

I used to imagine without extremes

How unfortunate, a broken unstarted fate

Feeling intimidated by this unmatchable beauty

What is the point to create, if it is already too late?

Saw this other company touching you passionately

Preferred to ignore the desire by fear of the unexpected

Here, now laying with regret of not having acted earlier

Stolen happiness or suicide of its own opportunity?

Can’t decide, don’t want to bring out this fire

The collapsed dream is finally reaching its path, iced

What a fatal mistake, that leads to break

This innocent hope amplified by this warm fire

Transformed unintentionally into a quiet lake

As those water vibrations call out of despair


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