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Whispers in the Virtual Veil

Christopher Dimitriadis


In realms of code and pixels’ grace,

Where digital dreams find their place,

A virtual veil conceals the real,

And in its depths, emotions conceal.

Whispers soft through fiber threads,

Secrets shared where silence treads,

In the vast expanse of the digital night,

Echoes of souls take their flight.

In this world where avatars play,

Identity dances a cryptic ballet.

Behind screens, hearts open wide,

In the virtual realm, we don't need to hide.

But beware, for shadows dwell

In the corners where lies may swell.

For in this place of ones and zeros,

Truth and fiction, the boundary narrows.

Yet still, we navigate this digital sea,

Seeking connections for you and for me.

Amidst the whispers in the virtual veil,

We find our stories, and together set sail.


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