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Word in the Herd: "What do you think about the new Quebec legislation on cannabis?"

Reporters: Defne Basaran, Eve DeLavergne, Kathryn Kirby, Dea Koxhaxhiku, Christophe Manaigre, Stella Rondeau, Alexia Termine, Meghan Van Der Burg

The legal age to purchase cannabis will be bumped from 18 to 21 as of January 1 due to a new law passed by the Coalition Avenir Québec government at the end of October. This will affect Dawson students significantly, as they are in the demographic the CAQ aims to protect. However, Dawson students who were asked "What do you think about the new Quebec legislation on cannabis?" have mixed feelings.

“I don't consume pot, but I think it’s unfair to give a right to people only to take it away later.” Tristan, Social Science

“I think it’s fine so long as those who were of age keep that right.” Sara, Literature

 "I think it's based on old fashioned views. Weed is really the same as alcohol, but it is being treated more strictly." Nadia, Liberal Arts

"It's really out of the blue. Everything in Canada [that's regulated] is set at 18. In the States, it would be understandable, but not here." Michael, Cinema-Communications

"I don't see it as a problem. The more your brain has a chance to develop, the less it affects it. It's a good thing." Anastasia, Arts and Culture

"It's better. Eighteen is still young and you don't know much. The older you are, the more responsible you are."  Alper, program unknown

"We're going to buy it illegally anyway, which makes it more difficult and dangerous. I'm still going to buy illegally, so for me it doesn't change anything. It's just stupid.” Elena, Cinema & Communications

"It's not good for the economy. The whole point of legalizing weed was to provide a safe taxable product and to kill the black market. People are just going to go back to their old sketchy and unsafe ways to get weed. They're going to be losing customers, and it'll hurt in the long run."  China, Psychology

"I disagree. I don't think they should push it back. They've already given it to 18-year-olds. They can't take it away. A lot of people buying from dispensaries are 21 anyways.” Claire Anderson, North-South Studies

"They won't enforce the law. People were smoking before and they won't stop because of it.” Alice Webster, Psychology

“If we're aware of the consequences, we should be able to make our own decisions since we're technically adults. It goes against being 18 and responsible. You let us vote but not buy weed?” Katie McGilson, Liberal Arts

“I agree but disagree at the same time because I don't think that smoking weed is something you should do regularly, but at the same time the law is too restrictive.” Gabe, Commerce “We're just putting the problem back.” Mickey, Arts, Literature and Communication “It's kind of smart. It has effects on brain.” Aurelie, 3D Animation and Computer generated Imagery

“If you fuck up your life at 18, that’s your fault. I know more people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes versus pleasure.” Logan, Law Society and Justice “Alcohol should be raised too because it's more dangerous. I just moved here from Florida. The US legal age doesn't change anything. People still drink and stuff regardless of legal age.”  Kim, Social Science

“I think it's useless because alcohol is as bad as weed, yet it’s more regulated.”  Khadija Ugas, program unknown



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