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Word in the Herd: What's the Vibe in Dawson?

Photo via Wikidata

By Paul Sarralheiro's Feature Writing Class

The holidays are over. It's a new year, a new decade and we’re back in the swirl of activity in the halls of Dawson. We went out there and interviewed the student body, asking “What is the best and the worst thing about being back?”

“I would have to say the best part about being back at Dawson is the people. I often love talking to my peers during class breaks. However, the classes are often extremely demanding, making it the worst aspect of education.”

Brendan Marlow, Health Science

"When coming back to Dawson, I love the energy of all the teachers and the diversity of students in Dawson. I would say that the worst thing about coming back is the overwhelming amount of people in the hallways, and how loud it is." Audrey Roy, General Social Science

“For me, sports have always been my deepest interest, which makes my volleyball class the best thing about Dawson,  although, the studying and the homework required in my other classes really ruin CEGEP for me.”

Adamo Cardelini, Health Science

“The best part is getting back into my routine and not being able to just be lazy anymore. The worst part is the stress that comes with the schoolwork.”

Will Stone-Barney, Social Science

"The best part is the tater-tots in the caf, and the worst part is going to classes." Sam, Social Science

“The best part would be getting to know new teachers, new people and new subjects. It feels good to know I’m getting closer and closer to graduation. The worst is I have a bad schedule this semester.”

Jamie Michelin, Commerce

"I'm excited to see all my friends again, but not enjoying getting up at 5:00 a.m. on weekdays."

Emma, Arts and Culture "I hate that I have to wake up early, but I like that I have a fixed schedule and I'm working towards my future."

Braydie, Child Studies "The worst thing is transport, it's a nightmare. The best thing is how teachers interact with students."

Mara-Jade Sydor, General Education

"The best thing is starting new classes with new people but it is also the worst thing because you're kind of starting over."

Liv, Literature



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