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Tamara Galinato

Curiosities Editor


1. Side effects of becoming bald, the show […] , and also there’s Jesse Pinkguy or whatever his name is

4 . Tour movie

11. Romantic lantern scene

12. Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis

13. Fight Club and F1 have this last name in common

14. Speculative dystopian fiction getting closer to reality

17. Green anti-social ogre

18. Iconic movie showdown from this summer

19. Yippee-ki-yay motherfucker

20. Your friendly neighborhood superhero

23. Director of a fantastic stop motion fox

24. Easily inspired by The Scarlet Letter

26. In three words: motel, taxidermy, and murder

27. Former wrestler turned tooth fairy, jungle explorer, and race car driver

28. In three words: drumming, jazz, angry-bald-guy

30. Race car drivers who are a family

31. Famous film franchise who’s title punily resembles “Olympics of famine”

34. He’s the totally dad of the family in the family show with the family - griffin

35. XOXO,

36. Réalisateur Denis [...] , QC REPRESENT !!

37. Director, [...] Bergman


2. Star Wars creator

3. Baby yoda

5. Unlucky ladybug stuck on a train

6. Calls his bug "milady"

7. Eccentric chocolate factory owner

8. Iconic mother daughter duo who love coffee

9. Our favourite, seemingly drunk, pirate

10. Madagascar zebra who got assaulted by the fresh prince

15. Movie award

16. Disney franchise whose main character’s name could be that of a dragmcqueen

21. Stanley Kubrick magnum opus

22. “Where the hell have you been loca?”

25. Long crustacean and drama/romance movie with "the"

29. NYPD detective whose favourite christmas movie is [19 across]

32. Cinematic universe currently in phase 5

33. In three words: pointyears, bowlcut, enterprisecaptain


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