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Tamara Galinato

Curiosities Editor


2. Ballet usually associated with the holidays

6. Man of balls

9. Sliding on ice, but as an activity

10. The season of hibernation

11. The reason why we slip and slide

12. The white blanket that falls upon us

14. Heavenly fluffy cloud that matches perfectly with [7-down]

17. Brand of pre-cut sugar cookies with classic designs

19. Kiss kiss Justin

20. Rhymes with pookies

21. He who stole Christmas


1. Holiday of the season

3. A fever dream of a movie involving a train

4. A cup of Joe

5. A sweet that supports one's walking

6. The star of season

7. Classic go-to drink to warm up

8. Acapella group that

13. How do you just forget your kid when you go on vacation?

15. Buddy, I love you!

16. 3rd of December

18. Official footwear of the season!


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